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Noises for listening

A couple rough recordings of songs I’ve been working on.

“The Cave”, orig. by Mumford & Sons:

“Sakura, Sakura”, Japanese traditional:

Enjoy, if you dare…

Recorded with a Takamine mahogany tenor ‘ukulele and iPad, off the side of Figueroa Mountain Road in the lovely Santa Ynez valley. Sorry for the boring view, but I couldn’t get the damn thing to sit up straight. Next time…

Our First Dozen Days

First: many apologies to any friends and family who have subscribed to this blog to get frequent updates on our adventures–from here on out they should be arriving somewhat more often than every six months or so.

The big news is, we now officially live in our van. (Only occasionally down by the river.) That’s as of May 1, 2014, our official date of departure from Tucson. (We only made it as far as Oro Valley, but it counts!)

How were our first dozen days?

Good question.

Well, I’m sitting on a shady cafe terrace in the dozenth gorgeous, sunny little California valley town we’ve rolled through in the last week, enjoying a mean avocado BLT. Last night, we were perched on a gusty mountain pass, all piled in a little bed, feeling the wind doing its damnedest to roll us back down the hill (it eventually got its way when we decamped for a more sheltered spot). Before that, we were partying the weekend away at The Wedding (congratulations, K+J–everything was perfect, most of all you two for each other). Before that, we were in oddly-, amazingly-, almost supernaturally-welcoming Ojai, where I think I made more new friends in three days than in the past three years.

Before that we were in Kingman. That’s… yeah. Kingman is… definitely in Arizona.

The day before that was Phoenix, where we caught up with some old friends too briefly before fleeing the heat, which is already punishing this time of year (no A/C unless the engine’s running, ouch). We did get to see the Chihuly glass exhibit at the Botanical Gardens, which was really worthwhile. (Protip: go at night or early in the morning unless you want to wait until about November for good daytime weather.)

So, a bit of a whirlwind, I guess. Meanwhile, we are getting used to a few changes. Living in a space about the size of a standard bathroom poses some unique challenges, none of which are insurmountable, but all of which require adaptation. Adaptation always hurts a little. We still have too many things, which take up too much of our all-too-precious space. Up until yesterday, we’ve still been on a schedule. As of approximately right now, we’re free.

It’s still sinking in.


A stately oak, growing right in the middle of the road

^These two images capture Ojai for me…

This is the kind of view we are all about. Priceless, and free. ;-)

This is the kind of view we are all about. Priceless, and free. 😉


Many days later–finally, a nice peaceful spot!


“smells good to me, guys…”

Wish we could have stayed a while... but the wind had different ideas

Wish we could have stayed a while… but the wind had different ideas