Noises for Listening II

I’ll make a series of these yet! (Can 2 posts be a series?)

First some ramblings around a Spanish-style progression, from back before I sold my guitar:

(Fender Acoustic, improv)


My own arrangement of The Beatles’ Norwegian Wood, one of my favorite tunes:

(Takamine tenor ‘ukulele, arr. by me)


And an even classic-er classic, Beethoven’s Fur Elise:

(Takamine tenor ‘ukulele, adapted from an arrangement by Javier Marco)


Enjoy, if you dare…

One thought on “Noises for Listening II

  1. Brad Soland

    Welcome back! Nice instrumentals, especially the Beethoven piece. I’m hearing more ukes these days – even in bluegrass music (which has caused some controversy among the purists). It is such a lovely instrument. Your banjo is alive and well and living in our closet. I had fun plunking around on it! Next time we are near Peter and Kay’s we can drop it off if that works for you. Hope to see you guys soon.


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