What Are We Doing Here?

Hello World!

Welcome to Vanvardo. (What does that name mean? Check out the About page…) If you’ve arrived at this page, you probably already know who we are. But in case you don’t, we are Avy (pronounced AY-vee, rhymes with “navy”) and Alex, a recently-married couple currently living in Tucson, AZ, and getting ready to embark on an adventure.

This is our Chevy van, Nebuchadnezzar (or at least it was until a few weeks ago; he looks a little different now. More on that later):


We call him Nez, for short. Nez is still just a van for now, but in the near future he will be outfitted with all the amenities needed for comfortable living–12V power; gas heat and stove; sink, shower and toilet; insulation; internet access; windows; storage space and fridge… you get the idea.

Once he’s ready to travel, that’s what we’ll do! We’d like to see more of this great huge continent, and there’s no better way than hitting the road and going there. We plan to take ourselves all over the place for at least a year and perhaps more; wandering around following the best weather, opportunities and entertainments; spending more time out of doors; and generally doing what we want, when and where we want to do it.

Before we get there, though, there’s a lot of work to do: raising the roof to allow us to stand up inside; installing and wiring solar panels, batteries, lights, fridge and power outlets; plumbing in a sink, shower, toilet and water tanks; insulating and paneling in walls, floor, ceiling and windows; building in storage, seating and sleeping areas; basically, building a tiny self-contained house–about 60 square feet of total living space plus a small sleeping loft. We’ll be documenting it all here, so check in any time and see what we’re up to. And if you’re in Tucson, feel free to come by and lend a hand if you feel like it. We have beer. 🙂

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