What we’ve been up to, briefly

Given the tone of my last post, you might well think we’re not having much fun. Fortunately, you’d be wrong!

We’ve been cruising around the Monterey/Santa Cruz area for the past few weeks, seeing family and the sights, and even getting some long-overdue work done. While we’re definitely looking forward to heading north soon (need a break from the incessant people around here), we’ve had some really nice experiences.

We got an opportunity to go the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which neither of us have had the chance to do for many years. It was just as superb as I remembered (which is impressive, given that the memories in question were created by a 10 year old with a very active imagination), Some highlights (photos courtesy Olivia Li):







Yes, those last two are actually creatures from the planet Earth–cuttlefish! What lovely, weird little beings. Smart, too.

My favorite was the giant octopus, who I found so mesmerizing I forgot to take a picture. Oh well, guess we’ll have to go back!

We also went to Moss Landing, a quiet little seaside town with a lovely estuary, and the easiest otter-spotting we’ve seen yet. This little fellow surprised us right off the bridge to the beach, crunching up some tasty mussels:

And while we were there, Avy was inspired by the Tentacles exhibit at the Aquarium:



In the meantime, I’m learning to code interactive 3D into web pages, using the rather amazing THREE.js WebGL library–check out that link for some really cool demos. Maybe I’ll have something neat to show you shortly…

So, back to work/play! See you soon.

4 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to, briefly

  1. Mom

    Glad to hear you’re having fun and getting a little work done as well. I couldn’t see the photo of the cute little otter? Left you voicemail a few minutes ago re: the other website. A few technical issues still to work through, but we’re close.
    Love, Mom

  2. Kate

    I love the drawing Avy! Sorry I didn’t get to really look at while you were here. Glad you are having more fun now! North bound! Xo


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